This past week we went to Portland and had lots of fun! I wish I would have taken more pictures than what I did but I guess it's alright. We went to Portland for a family reunion with Scott's family! I really haven't met any of his family so we decided this would be the perfect time to do so! We went to Multinoma Falls just outside of Portland. It was so stinkin hot but we hiked to the top of the waterfall! It was very pretty and worth it in the end, I seriously thought I was going to die for a while! We went to the Oregon zoo, it was a pretty good zoo! It was a bit too hot for the zoo, but it was fun. On Saturday we had family pictures with Scott's dad's family then we went to the family reunion and had lots of fun! By Sunday we were totally exhausted and it was time to roll on home. 

Mount Hood!

Waterfall! We hiked all the way up there!

At the top of the waterfall! We made it!
At the bottom!

We wanted to take a picture with the whole waterfall in it. Scott's dad is laying on the ground in the middle of like 50 people, but we got the whole thing in the picture!
Scott's mom sister and dad. And there is some guy in the background spitting over the edge!

Here is the elephant at the zoo, he had a beard! He is 50 years old! He has been there ever since Scott's dad has been going to that zoo!


4th of July!

This past week sure has been busy! We moved on Thursday and luckily I conveniently had to work, so all the moving of the big stuff was done by the time I was done working! We sure are hoping that we're done moving for a while, it's getting a little old packing every 6 months. Our house was finally put all together by Friday just in time for the 4th of July festivities!!! We went over to my Aunt Shannon's for a pre 4th of July party. We ate lots of good food and did our own fireworks. We would do our fireworks on the 4th of July but my uncle is the guy who does the city fireworks so he is a little busy that night. Saturday we went to dinner at Tucano's Brazilian Grill with some friends. It was awesome! Then we went back and watched the fireworks in Mtn. Home and it was a great show! 

I had to put this picture up! This is my aunt's new little dog! She is so darn cute! I think Scott thinks so too!
I'm a little skiddish when it comes to sparklers, they scare me just a bit. So I decided to hold one and we had to get a picture!
My mom thought it would be fun to get matching shirts this year! I thought it was awesome, everyone else didn't like it though! So to make things worse I'm going to get us all shirts next year to form a flag. 2 people will be the starts of the flag and the rest are going to be stripes and when we stand together we will be a flag!