Scott and I have a lot of free time, so when we are bored we go swimming at my parents, and when we are really bored we record our swimming time fun!



This summer has involved lots of camping! My parents are building a cabin up in the mountains so most of our time has consisted of staying up there. We've done lots and lots of four-wheeling and lots and lots of eating! This past week I got to go to Girls camp for our church and had loads of fun! My mom, sister, aunt, 3 cousins, and a sister in-law were all there! It was like a little family reunion!

It starting pouring rain when we were putting up our tent

Me, Scott, Allie, and Haydon hanging out by the river

Me and Scott

Me, Allie, and my mom at the top of the mountain half way through the 5 mile hike!

Me, Allie, my cousin Dani, and my cousin Lauren