So a couple days ago I decided to cook some chicken at around 9:30 p.m. for Scott's lunch the next day. So I go to the freezer and open up a brand new bag of chicken breasts. I take out 2 pieces of chicken and throw them in the oven. When I go to put the bag of chicken back in the freezer I take a quick gander back into the bag and to my surprise, Wal*Mart decided to leave me a prize inside the bag!!!!!!!

I called Scott into the kitchen and his exact words were,"Huh... what the hell is that."I took it to Wal*Mart to show them what I won!!! They were a little baffled and told me they have never seen anything like that before! I guess I won in 2 different ways, first, finding this object frozen to a piece of chicken, and second, being the first person in Mtn.Home Wal*Mart history to find the weirdest object in their bag of chicken! YAY for me!!!!!



We went to Utah this weekend. Allie had clogging Nationals at Lagoon and we had LOTS of fun! Friday we watched her do her solos then went to Red Lobster(I absolutely hate sea food, so that was interesting). Saturday we watched Allie clog throughout the day and rode rides when she wasn't clogging. It couldn't have been a better day to be at Lagoon, not too hot and not too cold...Just right! After Lagoon we went to my Aunt and Uncles and had a BBQ. My little cousin loves Scott, it's so funny! When we first got there Lyle(my cousin) told his mom he wanted to play with his toy train with Scott and...... her(pointing to me). He doesn't even know my name but he sure knows Scott's! He wouldn't let anyone poor his milk in the morning except for Scott, it was pretty darn funny! On Sunday we went and watched the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing!Scott and me at Red Lobster

My dad, Haydon, and mom getting ready to ride the rocket!

Scott and me gettin' ready to take off!

The cutest little baby geese!

Scott and Lyle. He didn't leave Scott's side the entire time we were there. Lyle broke his elbow on the slide, so he has a pretty sweet cast on.

The Tabernacle Choir singing! 

Us in front of the Salt Lake Temple.


Our team is DYNAMITE!

Softball time is here again and I LOVE IT! I wasn't planning on coaching this year, but one thing led to another and well..... the picture explains itself! Ali and I have been friends for forever, we grew up playing softball together , so how could I pass up the chance to coach with her?! We have a pretty good little team!!! So far we are undefeated and we plan to stay that way! Every one keeps telling us winning doesn't matter, but we are having a hard time remembering that. We aren't competitive at all!!! 

Ali and I coaching!!! Those shirts sure are yellow aren't they?!?! We definitely won't get lost in a crowd!