Can you spell RELIEF!?!

After 6 long and stressful months, Scott has finally found a job!!!!!!! He is now working for Simplot loading corn onto semi trucks.  My uncle was oh so very kind to give him a job. We are so excited and to top things off, the little girl I babysit is starting pre school (I wasn't too excited about that because that meant less working time for me). However,  her mom asked if I would be willing to work in her speach therapy office as a secretary 3 days a week and watch her little girl the other 2 days!!! This week has been awesome and it's only Wednesday!



I found some more pictures!

This picture would not flip the correct way, it made me mad so I just left it this way.

The Polynesian Center. A man climbed that palm tree in like 5 seconds!

Us at the Polynesian Center.