This past weekend we went up to my parents cabin and it poured rain the ENTIRE time...it was awesome!!! The thunder was so loud it shook the cabin all night long! We all had big plans to go on a 4-wheeler ride and the rain made it so much more exciting! Allie, my dad, Scott, and I went (my mom and Haydon were wimps) and we got soaked! It was a great weekend!


Today I walked into Adri's room and she was playing kitchen with her alligator. Adri packs that thing everywhere, usually little girls have babies or barbies, but not her. . . she has an alligator!

Adri 's alligator eating a banana

Adri and alligator

My parents built a cabin this summer and it's AWESOME! I love camping now! I hated the whole getting dirty and not taking a shower thing, but now I get to be clean and have fun!!! We love it!

The cabin!

This weekend was the Air Show out at the air base. There were tons of huge jets that we could go in and look at and....the Thunderbirds came and put on a little show for us! It was pretty cool!

Me in front of a GINORMOUS plane!

2 of the Thunderbirds!

All the people watching the Thunderbirds fly!

All 6 of them!


New Vehicle!!!!

Well Scott and I decided that we needed a new vehicle!!! We got a car last December and have replaced the engine TWICE in 3 months!!!!! So we decided to rid that piece of crap out of our lives and get something a little more reliable. Scott found a guy in Boise who was willing to trade his Toyota 4runner for our Honda, so we jumped at the chance to get rid of it!!! Now we have a vehicle we can take in the mountains and not have to take my car and chance getting yet ANOTHER flat tire! YAY!