Trinity Mountain Look Out.

This weekend we went to the cabin.... again. Scott really wanted to go up to the Trinity's for quite sometime and we finally went. It took us 2 hours to get there on 4-wheelers and we ate lunch by one of the Trinity lakes and then went up to the Trinity Mountain look out. Once we got up there it felt like we could see the world and it was very pretty and a bit windy. There was an old little house up there on the very tip with cliffs on all sides of it, I don't think I would like to stay there it's for the forest people to stay up there and watch for fires. It was awesome up there!

The Trinity look out. Where we went.
Prairie, where we started.
Trinity Mountain Look out rock, 9,500 feet.

Some lakes and bunch more mountains we think that one of the furthest mountains is Mt. Borah, the tallest mountain in Idaho.
Some dead, cool looking trees.
One of the Trinity lakes and Scott lookin' cool.
A tree.


Turtle, Turtle!

Yesterday my grandpa was sitting on the porch reading the newspaper, he looked up from his newspaper and saw a surprise in the driveway! My grandma called me and told me to look out the window and it was a . . . . . . . . TURTLE! She's so totally awesome! It's a desert tortoise, like the ones at the zoo! She's not quite that big yet. I guess she has like 85 years to grow that big so we'll see. Oh ya . . . . . and we named her Susan!