Baby video!

We went to the Dr. yesterday and got another ultrasound and some videos of him moving around!!!! In the video he has hiccups and it looks like he is eating something!

Baby boy at 28 weeks!



This past week we went to Seattle and Portland, Scott's dad did a bike race from Seattle to Portland so we thought we would go along and watch. We stayed at Scott's grandparents for a couple of nights. We went to Mount St. Helens and watched a couple videos at the little stops on the way to the mountain. On Friday we went to Seattle, on the way there Scott had to get the new Motorola Droid X, which was apparently impossible, Verizon stores were selling out of it with in an hour of getting them in. But Scott was determined and I believe he found the only phone left in Washington. After he got his phone we went to the Space Needle, that was pretty cool! Saturday Scott's dad did the Seattle to Portland. We followed along for a couple of stops then headed to Portland and went to the mall and waited for him to finish. That was a very long bike ride, only 204 miles in 1 day. There were all sorts of bikes doing this race, there were unicycles, tandem bikes, an elliptical bike, and some dorky big wheel bike looking things... we even saw a skate boarder!!! Sunday we went to one of Scott's cousins wedding receptions and then headed home! It was a fun vacation, but I was ready to come home. Here are some pictures, I didn't take as many as I should have but I guess these will due!

View from the top of the space needle

Mount St. Helens