Well we are back from Hawaii and it was GREAT! We had so much fun! It took us 7 hours to fly there then, once we got there it took us 3 hours to get to our condo on the North Shore. It was only supposed to take us 45 minutes, needless to say, we got a bit lost. We went to Pearl Harbor, the Pineapple Plantation, the Hawaii temple, a luau, shopping down in Waikiki, a couple of flee markets, and the Polynesian Center. The beach where we were staying wasn't very warm (I know, we're in Hawaii every beach should be warm). It pretty much rained every day on our beach, so we had to pack up every day and go find a beach that was warm with no rain. We saw some flippin' huge waves, a couple see turtles napping on the beach, whales, and dolphins. We did lots of laying on the beach and boogie boarding, and a little snorkeling. 

The Hawaii temple. This has to be the prettiest temple ground we have ever been to.

Scott holding a big torpedo thing at Pearl Harbor.

We dug a big hole and the stuck Haydon in it. It was quite a task trying to dig him out.

Allie and I made a sweet palm tree out of sand.

A beautiful rainbow! 
We found this sea turtle hanging out on the beach. I think it was nap time.
Here we are at temple grounds.
Waiting for the luau to start.
That's my name, it's spelled wrong though.
Scott was very excited to see this store, he got one amazing hat there. 
Queen Laloni's mansion.
These trees are so cool! Scott is going vine swinging!

A crazy colorful tree at the Pineapple Plantation.


Snow! Snow! Snow!

We have had lots of fun in the snow this past week. Scott and I have been to Bogus a couple of times and we have had fun with the snowmobiles up in the mountains. 

Me going of a jump.....kinda.

Us hanging getting ready to head up to the cabin.

Scott waiting for everyone to go play in the snow.

Me striking a pose, with Scott waiting some more in the background.

Scott jumping off a jump. (I'm not so sure if you can see him, he's a bit camouflage)
The next round of pictures won't be so snowy! We are headed to Hawaii January 24th!!!!!



This past week I decided that I didn't want to live in our duplex anymore, so I found a little house with a WASHER and a DRYER! I was so stoked I couldn't pass it up! So we packed everything up and moved! 

Our tiny carport...I'm not so sure what kind of car would fit under it! 
Our tiny house and lots of snow! It kinda looks like a very tiny prison!
Our kitchen! I'm making some mean hamburgers on the George!
Our living room and awesome snowboards!