My sweet boy!

Here are some pictures of Tripp. It was quite the picture taking session, he was a little grumpy and screamed most of the time and when he wasn't screaming he was peeing on everything when we were taking pictures of him in the buff!


Hospital pictures

going home

first family picture

cute little Tripp

right after the c-section



Tripp Brayden Riley! Born Oct.24, 2010 @ 9:47 pm, 8 lbs. 3 oz. 20 1/2 in. long. I had to have a C-section because I had a high fever and Tripp had a low heart rate. Tripp also had a low temperature and was in NICU for 2 days to regulate his temperature. It was a rough couple of days but everything is fantastic now!!! He is the cutest little boy with lots of blonde hair!


Oh baby....

Please come out! I went to the doctor today and she said the baby weighs around 7 lbs. and I'm dilated 1 1/2 cm. So we are moving forward! When we left she said see you next Friday.... or maybe sooner. I'm really hoping sooner, we will wait and see!


Life and stuff

A lot has been going on the past month! I had a baby shower a couple weeks ago that was lots of fun and we got a lot of good stuff for the baby! I finally got his room all set up and everything put away. Now all we need is the baby, only 6 weeks left!!! We went camping up at the Trinities and we drove our Mazda... that was interesting, Scott had to get out a couple times and move big rocks out of the road. So we decided we go to the mountains too much to not have a truck so we bought a GMC Canyon truck a week later! We went to the cabin over Labor Day weekend, my family and my aunt and uncle's family went up too. We went on a ride in my dad's truck and all 11 of us packed in there. It was a lot of fun, we went to a waterfall that was pretty cool!

Trina and her baby, me (I'm getting huge), and Sara!!!

Our dirty new truck!

Right next to our campsite!


Baby video!

We went to the Dr. yesterday and got another ultrasound and some videos of him moving around!!!! In the video he has hiccups and it looks like he is eating something!

Baby boy at 28 weeks!



This past week we went to Seattle and Portland, Scott's dad did a bike race from Seattle to Portland so we thought we would go along and watch. We stayed at Scott's grandparents for a couple of nights. We went to Mount St. Helens and watched a couple videos at the little stops on the way to the mountain. On Friday we went to Seattle, on the way there Scott had to get the new Motorola Droid X, which was apparently impossible, Verizon stores were selling out of it with in an hour of getting them in. But Scott was determined and I believe he found the only phone left in Washington. After he got his phone we went to the Space Needle, that was pretty cool! Saturday Scott's dad did the Seattle to Portland. We followed along for a couple of stops then headed to Portland and went to the mall and waited for him to finish. That was a very long bike ride, only 204 miles in 1 day. There were all sorts of bikes doing this race, there were unicycles, tandem bikes, an elliptical bike, and some dorky big wheel bike looking things... we even saw a skate boarder!!! Sunday we went to one of Scott's cousins wedding receptions and then headed home! It was a fun vacation, but I was ready to come home. Here are some pictures, I didn't take as many as I should have but I guess these will due!

View from the top of the space needle

Mount St. Helens



Some people have been requesting that I put up some pictures of myself. So here they are!

10 weeks!

16 weeks!

22 weeks!
Don't mind the gun in the picture, Scott said he had to get it so he could shoot the bad guys.


It's a.....

We had an ultrasound on Friday and found out we are having a little boy! We are pretty excited! He was very active and wouldn't hold still it was pretty funny! At first the ultrasound technician said it was a girl, she even printed out a picture and everything with "It's a girl" written on it! Then she noticed he had some parts down there, then she thought it was just the umbilical cord. So she went on taking more pictures of other things, then came back to determine the sex. She finally decided it was a boy, but she called in the other ultrasound technician to look and make sure it was in fact a boy! And he is!!!! Looking at the last picture makes me wonder why she ever thought it was a girl, he is showing it all!!!!

The cutest feet ever!



He is a boy!


June 4th is the day!

I went to the doctor yesterday and she said 3 weeks we find out what we're having, so June 4th is the day! I'm so excited, I don't know if I can wait that long! I guess we've waited 17 weeks what's another 3 right?!



Scott has finally received his associates degree! We are so excited... no more driving to boise for a 4 hour class after working 12 hours! He is now going on to get his bachelors degree from Full Sail University in Florida, no we arent moving to Florida its all online (I was bummed, I thought we were moving). He has his website up and running, go check it out scottrileydesign.com



Here are some pictures of the wonderful spring we have had so far! We started off April with some snow! Then it turned very warm! We went down to the river to skip some rocks and have a picnic! Scott's parents also got the cutest little puppy ever... I love her!


Can I have your attention please?!

Ultrasound at 8 weeks!
So.... I'm due October 23rd! We are very excited! Scott bought me flowers and a book that I can read for the coming months. I really don't like to read, but maybe I'll actually read this book!