These last 3 days sure have been busy! Softball tournaments were in Kuna, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday! Our team has been undefeated all year and we were the team to beat. Thursday we played 1 game and we won, Friday we played 2 games and won both of those games, then Saturday we played ended up playing our 1st game at 9:00 am and LOST by 1! So we ended up playing another team at 11:00 and WON! So we had to play the team we lost to again and we beat them, so we had to play them again because they haven't lost yet (double elimination) and we WON! We are the first Mtn.Home Sting team to ever win the Championship! It was so much fun! OUR TEAM ROCKS!!!!!

Us coaches! We were the only team with all women coaches... and we WON!

We are #1! Our Amazing team!

When I got home the weather decided to go crazy and it started hailing and pouring rain! 

I think there is a bit of a flood going on here!

It was like this all over town!