So Christmas came and it was GREAT! It was a wonderful Christmas, it snowed Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Now that's what I call a WHITE Christmas!!! We got some good presents. Scott got some snowboarding goggles and he wears them around the house since we haven't had time to go snowboarding quite yet. I got Guitar Hero for my laptop and it rocks! The snow hasn't stopped falling from the sky for about 2 weeks now, so my dad decided to go buy 2 snowmobiles on Christmas Eve he couldn't resist with all this snow. Now we get to go up to the cabin in the winter time too! 

Us in front of our Christmas tree.

Scott riding one of the new snowmobiles out in my parents pasture.

Scott checking out all the snow.

Our awesome ice sickles!


Winter is here!

Winter is finally here! For thanksgiving we all went up to the cabin and stayed up there for a couple of nights. It was quite interesting staying up there with 11 people, the cabin isn't all that big. We shot guns, did some puzzles, and we even cut down a Christmas tree! When we got home we put up our tree and it was so UGLY! It was big and awkward and kept falling over! On one of the sides it had no branches and it wasn't much better on the other side. So, I ended up going to Walmart and buying a nice fake tree that stays standing up! This past week has been freezing, 2 weeks ago it was in the 50s, now the snow is falling and the wind is blowing! We have some massive ice sickles hanging off our house they are huge!!! There is snow all over and it's great!
The puzzle that was horrible and treacherous
Scott and Haydon shooting guns off the porch

The Christmas trees! The one on the right was ours, it doesn't look so bad now, but it was UGLY!
All of us getting ready to play a vicious game of pictionary
Big ice sickle Scott pulled off the roof
Ice sickles