I've decided it's been a while since I've posted anything. Not too much has changed in our lives. Tripp is now 14 months and is walking and talking! He is so much fun and he has the cutest little personality. He loves the word clock and walks around the house saying "clock" over and over! It's kinda funny, my mom said "clock" was my first word too, and I would say it over and over as well! We are teaching him a little sign language as he is learning to talk and it's so cute to watch him sign. He can sign: Fish, more, all done, dog, please, tree, want, and flower. He is the biggest Elmo lover ever and has everything in Elmo!

Scott has 1 month left until he is done with school! We don't know what we will be doing once he is done. He still works for Simplot and he is doing a little graphic design on the side with Doug's Designs.

And nothing has changed with me, I'm pretty much the same!